Working Together…

Our governors are a critical part of our strong team. They provide strategic support and challenge to ensure that we are achieving the highest of aspirations.

Should you wish to get in touch with any of them, please contact our chair Mr. Brian Williams via email:

Please find our publicly available documents regarding governors at the bottom of this page.

The Role of the Governors

The governing board includes representatives of the staff, parents, the community and the Diocese.

Our role as a governing board is to set ambitious aims and objectives for the school. Working in close partnership with the Head Teacher and other staff, we aim to provide support and encouragement as well as recognising the school’s achievements. But we are also there to challenge and question the school to ensure that the budget is well spent and that areas for improvement continue to be identified and pursued.

The full governing board and the various sub committees meet regularly to discuss and make decisions regarding the management and direction of the school. Minutes of these meetings are available for parents to read in a folder in the entrance hall.

Being a governor is a challenging but rewarding experience, and governors are offered training to help them make a valuable contribution to the school’s development. Governors also spend time in school on a regular basis and report on different aspects of the school.

The Head Teacher is a governor and is responsible for the day to day running of the school in line with policies agreed by the governing body.

Foundation governors are appointed by the church to help ensure the Christian ethos is preserved and developed, and that RE and collective worship reflect the spirit of the Trust Deed.

Parent governors are elected by the parent body, staff governors by the staff and the local community is also represented by community governors. Most governors serve a four-year term.

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