Children can arrive at school from 7:45 and enjoy a healthy breakfast before school…

If you want to get your child signed up for this service then please contact the school office.

About Us

Our Extra Curricular Offer

We are very lucky to have a wonderful group of staff and other members of the community that help us to enhance our extra curricular offer.

If you want your child signed up to any of the clubs please contact the office for further information.

Clubs run from the end of the school day for an hour, until 4:10pm or 4:15pm.


Tuesday: Lego Club (KS2); Book Club (Y5/6)

Wednesday: Coding Club KS2; Sports Club (KS2); Lego Club (Rec, Y1, Y2)

Thursday: Sports (Rec, Y1, Y2); Art Club (KS2); Maths Club (Y6)

Friday: Mandala / Colouring Club (KS2)

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